China-America Academic Exchange Program

Academicians Dr. Chen Jia-er, former Principal of Beijing University, and others, jointly announced the launch of í░China-America Academic Exchange Programí▒. The centerpiece of the Program is a scholarship program which grants up to about 20 Chinese visiting scholars pursuing graduate or post-graduate degrees in major universities in the United States per year. Each scholarship is US$10,000.

The Scholarship Program is funded by the 1127 Foundation, a California non-profit educational foundation established in 2001.

A primary objective of the scholarship is to encourage Chinese students studying in the United States to make more outstanding achievements.  The Scholarship Program is made available to (a) Chinese university graduates admitted to degree-oriented programs in American colleges, and (b) visiting Chinese scholars or researchers to academic departments of American colleges.  To be considered, applicants must submit proof of acceptance or appointment by a leading university in the United States. Recipients will be selected by a selection committee comprised of distinguished academicians. Selection will be based on academic achievement and potentiality, as evidenced by college transcripts, letters of recommendation, and academic theses and publications.  Recipients of the scholarship who perform well in their first school year may apply for further scholarships of US$5,000 each school year.  Further details may be found in the attached Application Process.

If you have any question about the Scholarship Program or other aspects of the Scholarship Program, please feel free to contact