Application Procedure

1. Download the Preliminary Examination Form from our website and fill the forms with authentic information. Send the filled Preliminary Examination Form to before May 15 each year.

2. The selection committee will then carry out the preliminary selection and will inform the qualified applicants before July 1.

3. Applicants who passed the preliminary selection should download the Regular Application Forms from our website. After filling it with authentic information, the Regular Application Forms should be delivered to the Scholarship office before July 20.
      Please use the pens with black ink to fill the forms carefully and neatly, for the filled contents which is erased or deleted are invalid.
      The application form will be valid only with the applicant¡¯s signature.

4. Relative certificates and materials for the application.

5. Experts from the selection committee will re-examine the preliminarily selected applicants and determine the final scholarship receivers.

6. Before August 15, person in charge of the scholarship will inform the applicants who are granted scholarship.

7. Recipients of the scholarship who perform well in their first school year may apply for additional school years. Following is a specific procedure: Download the re-application form and fill it with authentic information. Deliver the filled form to the before 15th July each year. Before 31st August, the experts of the selection committee will identify whether to grant the applicant next academic year¡¯s scholarship.

8. The materials offered by the applicants will not be returned if they are rejected.

China-America Academic Exchange Program